StormLock Permeable Pavers

Westview Concrete Corp is an authorized distributor of Reading Rock products. Reading Rock's StormLock Permeable Pavers make the paved surface both ecologically sound and economically smart. We proudly support the development of 'green' product innovations and are committed to developing and improving our entire product line with respect to the environment.


It's 4x8 classic design and clean lines can be easily integrated with any new or existing application and is offered with and without Reading Rock’s ColorLock technology.  The traditional design makes it the perfect solution for any project including those where clay is desired. HydraBric is palletized in a modified herringbone pattern (9.62 sq. ft. per drop) and consists of 36 full pieces and 8 half pieces per layer or 77 sq. ft. per pallet.  HydraBric can be mechanically installed or hand laid and has been designed to meet ADA requirements (9mm spacing).


HydraStone is the newest shape to the StormLock Permeable Paver Series. It's rectilinear shape gives a clean, crisp appearance to any application. Installed in a herringbone pattern, HydraStone can be mechanically installed with 11.25 sq. ft. in every layer. HydraStone is ADA compliant and is the perfect choice for applications where minimizing green space and minimizing drainage and runoff problems are necessary.


EcoFlo has an Old World cobble stone appearance that can be mechanically installed, offering a ecologically sound and economically smart product. EcoFlo is ADA compliantand meets pedestrian slip resistance standards, offering comfortable travel for people using wheeled mobility devices such as wheelchairs.

Eco Tripaver

Eco Tripaver's unique, 12-sided design is ADA compliant and reminiscent of the three-petaled fleur-de-lis. Once installed, Eco Tripaver's multidirectional patterns will complement any design.


TurfLock provides both a durable surface and soil stabilization for overflow parking, scenic parks, embankments, berm slopes and water areas where waves may cause erosion. The open honeycomb design can be mechanically installed and allows ground cover to grow, while providing a strong, interlocked undersurface.

Checker Block

Checker Block is the only steel-reinforced concrete grid paving unit available in the market today. This precast product is a reinforced grid has a pedestal or waffle shape and consists of concrete pillars held apart by low ribs.  Around and between the ribs is a complex network of open cells.  Each grid unit is 24" x 24" x 4" and consists of 16 pedestals.

Each 4 square foot unit of Checker Block can provide a 75% grass to concrete ratio, ensuring a green turf that supports significant vehicular loads. The product is approved for H-20 loading, offering customers the strength of concrete in an area where maintaining a grassy look (maintained by standard lawn mowers) is desired including overflow parking, service roads, tree pits and fire lanes. It is also ideal for stabilizing embankments along streams, rivers and lakes.

Checker Block offers a ready solution when used as a tree grating and provides high stability while offering maximum water percolation. It also enhances surface drainage eliminating costly underground systems.



l: 9"
w: 4.5"
h: 3.125"

Eco Tripaver

l: 7.44"
w: 7.44"
h: 3.125"


l: 8"
w: 3.88"
h: 3.125"


l: 9.65"
w: 4.72"
h: 3.125"


l: 23.625"
w: 15.75"
h: 3.125"

Checker Block

l: 24"
w: 24"
h: 4"

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